How to Crack Passwords With C-Force Full Tutorial For Beginners

This is how we get free passes for sites. C-Force only works on sites that are called Pop-Up sites.
Example, when you click on Members Sign In, and then the USERNAME/PASSWORD box pops-up, yeah its a pop up site.
Note: C-Force will not crack ocr forms (= form sites with a code vertification in a box)
 Important Tools :-
2.Proxy Checker
3.Proxy Finder
4.Good World List

Download Tools

Step 1:
Open Proxy Finder & Click on Find Button then wait for Some Minutes.. After loading proxy's save it & Exit proxy finder..
Step 2:
Open Proxy Checker and load Saved proxy & Click on Start.Now Wait for Some Seconds & Click On Save.
Step 3:

Run As admin C Force And Open the tab “Settings” & make settings As showing In Pic..
Check this: “Skip proxy anonymity test” (we are checking our proxies with Proxy Checker)
Never Tick this: “Use proxy for analyses” (it wouldn´t analyze the site correct)
NEVER Tick this: “Bruteforce without proxies” (or you have good chances to go to jail )
Step 4:
Open the tab “Pro” Main Url: Get the members url by clicking on the members access section
For example:
Place this url into the Main url field & Click on Analyse.
Step 5:
After clicking on Analyse: it looks like that:
Step 6:
After that click on Bruteforce: After pressing “Bruteforce” you will be directed automaticly in the “Auto” menu
Step 7:
Load Proxylist and Wordlist
Proxylist: Click the “Load” tab beside “Proxy-List” and find saved Proxylist on your PC. C-Force will let you know that your Proxies are loaded.
Wordlist: Click the “Load” tab beside “Combo-List” and find saved Wordlist on your PC. C-Force will let you know that your Wordlist is loaded.
Step 8:
After clicking on “START”
Wait for some Minutes & Check your hits. All Pass&Username Saved In Hitlog.txt

NOTE-You can use this option only for Pop-up login sites.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial....................

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