How To Get All email Notifications on Phone.

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                  When you are in offline or in some other place where you don’t have access to internet,then how can you check your gmail or yahoomail inbox. Is there any possibility.Yes you can see your newly coming emails in your phone. Let us see how it is possible.
                 This is possible by enable the email alerts. The total backbone for this email alerts to your phone is Way2sms website. In this website it provides mail alerts for gmail and yahoo mail and some other mail services. To get mail alerts first check your mail provider is giving Forwarding option. Now a days all email providers give this feature.
How to Enable Mail Alerts:
    1.   To receive email alerts you need an way2sms account. In present days every one has a way2sms
           account.If you don’t have it then register by click here.
    2.   After login to your account click on mail alerts which is located in menu bar.
                                                                                                                             mail alerts menu

     3.    Here you find a mail id associated with way2sms and mail alerts status, mobile number,day                        
            preferences,time preferences options.
     4.    First of all you need to activate your mail alert forwarding by clicking on the Activate button.

activate menu

      5.     Select your days preferences and time preferences as you require . By default it is 7 days 
              preference and round the clock for time preference. This means you receive mail alerts as soon as 
              new email arrives  in  your email inbox.
     6.     Once activated then copy the “Forward your mails to “ mail id. That is like

                                                                                                                      copy menu

      7.    Login to your gmail and go to settings by clicking on the gear symbol which is present under your
             profile pic.
                                               settings click
      8.    In this settings tab some options are available which is relative to mail settings. Here select the
            “Forward and POP/IMAP “ option. It shows the mail forwarding settings.In this click on “ Add 
             forwarding Address”
                                                                                                                                   forward menu
                                                                                                                                  paste menu

      9.    After pasting click on next .It will ask you for confirmation and click on ok. Then a confirmation
             code is sent to your way2sms account. Open way2sms and check the inbox in mail alerts section.

                                                                                                                              confirmation menu

    10.   Open the confirmation mail in way2sms account and copy the code in that mail and next go to your
            gmail and paste it in the verification code box and click on Next.
    11.   Comeback to Forwarding and POP/IMAP and click on “ Forward a copy of incoming mail to 
            option and select your preferences like “ Keep gmail copy in the Inbox”.

                                                                                                                               select your option

   12. Yahoo mail will also provides this facility only. If you have or or domain  email accounts mail alerts are not available.

NOTE:  As per TRAI instructions the mail alerts doesn’t DELIVERD to the DND registered 
              mobile numbers.

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