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Start Menu X Pro is an application that allows you to customize the windows start menu. In case of Windows 7, it changes the format to classical mode. When it comes to Windows 8, the program integrates a start button and is able to hide the start screen at startup as well. When the applications starts, the program creates an icon in the system tray and automatically changes the start menu, while giving you the possibility to use a shortcut for switching to default mode. When it comes to the start button, Start Menu X Pro offers several pictures but it does not allow you to select a custom image. You can choose one of the five skins for the start menu, change the scale mode, ask the program to automatically adjust the column width, as well as enable virtual groups. As far as virtual groups are concerned, you can contain and exclude programs for each group, create and remove new groups as well as edit existing ones. In addition, you can set the Start Menu X Pro to automatically run at Windows startup, tweak the command for toggling between Start Menu X Pro and default mode, as well as configure hotkeys when using the application. The program is very light on the system and uses very low amount of system resources. It does not interrupt normal activity or slow down overall performance. Overall, Start Menu X Pro comes with some great features for personalizing the start menu button and menu. For enhanced functionality, you should download the Start Menu X Pro edition.


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