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Make a Professional Logo with Logomaker

a logo designed using logomaker
Logomaker is an Online Web Application that allows you to create professional logos for your websites, blogs, companies and for organizations.  The best thing about logomaker is that it’s free. To get download your logo, you’ll need to have an account with them, although taking snap will work which is available in windows 7 and 8. For the writing purpose though I am using it, just to save some time. When it comes to designing, logomaker has a lot of features.

Make a Logo with Logaster Online Web App

a logo made using logaster
Logaster is an online web tool to make logos. Thousands of concepts to choose from with the variety of fonts, icons, symbols to use in your logo design.  Once you finish your logo design you can save it to re-design next time, to do that, you’ll need to have an account with the

Make a Pro logo with Logo Ease

A logo with Logoease
The most popular one, Logo ease offer you a variety of tools to design logo for your website, one thing I noticed in their web app was fast loading.  5 lines to add texts to your logo, a unique feature compare to other online apps was it has text symbols available.  Logo ease is the best if you want to create logo for your blogs because it has “writing” symbols.

Wasn't easy to make a Logo?

I have shared the best tools to make free logos online; I hope you’ll like them, besides Google chrome extension which was especially for nature concept. All others has tons of categories, features, text symbols and stylish fonts.  Have a problem with making a logo for your website or Blog? Leave a comment and will give you some tips.

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