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Now a Days Most People On The Internet Used To Download A Lot Of Content’s Like Music,Movie,Games,Software’s etc,etc . Many Of Them Also Needs To Share Files With Their  Friends,colleagues,  classmates, family members . Or They Just Want To Tell The World About Their Shared Files Through A Blog Or Website.  People who finds your shared files useful they will love to download your shared files from file hosting site. Now Its Really A Difficult Task To Find Out A Good Host Which Fulfills Their Requirements .
There are many file hosting sites which enables users to upload their files on their servers and Give A Download Link To Share With Your Friends Or On Your Website.These sites have some limitations for free users and for premium members There is No Limit . The Limit They Applies Basically On Download Speed,File Size And Lot’s of other Things.
Here I am Listing Those Filehost Which Have Less Limit And Awesome Features And Speed.

1.  Hulkshare :-

 Hulkshare   Top 10 Free,New & Best Filehost
Although HulkShare is a music platform that provides services to artists, blogs, labels, magazines, and other industry professionals. Upload and Share your songs, demos, samples, beats Etc. . You Can Also Upload And Share Other Files As Well . It Has Amazing Speed With No Waiting Times , But You will See A little Image Ad Before Downloading .You Don’t Have To Think About Your Disk Space On Hulk-share  Hulk-share Is Currently Providing App For Both Mobile And PC For Downloading From It With Blazing Speed.

2. Shareblue : -

Shareblue. Top 10 Free,New & Best Filehost

It is A Simply Designed Site , But It  Features Impresses Me .
Features For A Registered User : No Speed Limit,200 GB Storage Space,5 GB Max File Size For Single File upload And Files Are Kept On The Server For 30 Days After Last Download.
It’s Features Does not End Here . It Has One More Awesome Feature. It Can Unrar Any RAR File Online And Allows You To Download Any Particular file From That RAR File . ShareBlue Provides An Excellent Customer Support.

3. Bitload :-
Top 10 Free,New & Best Filehost @ Bit Load

Bitload Provides 100 GB Storage Space With No Speed Limit, 15 Seconds Wait Time And Your Files are Kept On Server For 60 Days After Last Download.

4. UptoBox :-

Uptobox 9 Top 10 Free,New & Best Filehost Uptobox
UptoBox Is currently In Beta [Site is under Construction] . UpToBox Includes also Some Extra other Features.
Currently It is Providing 500 GB Storage Space with 2 GB Max Per File .Files Are Kept on The Server for 60 Days After Last Download .

The Extra Amazing Feature Of This Host Is You Can Buy Premium Without Your Credit Card Just By Completing Sponsored offers. Those Are Really Easy And Takes only Few Minutes .If You Are A Good uploader And Your File Gets Thousands Of Downloads Each Then you Can Also Convert your Account Premium By Gaining Points . 1 Point = 2000 Downloads .You Can Get 30 days Premium By collecting 10 points.

5. FileWinds :-
Filewinds  Top 10 Free,New & Best Filehost filewinds

Filewind is A Brand New Hosting Service which was popular As Peejeshare Previously.

Currently It is Providing 50 GB Storage Space with 5 GB Max Per File .Files Are Kept on The Server for 60 Days After Last Download . its Really Amazing Service Cause There is No Captcha And No Waiting Time Before Download And It Can Give Upto 2 MBPS Download Speed For Registered Free users.

6. TusFiles :-

TusFiles Top 10 Free,New & Best Filehost Tusefiles
TusFile Is Good For Uploaders Who Wants To Make Money Sharing Their Files. With A Free Account You can Get 100 Gb Storage Space And Max. 1 Gb Per File is Allowed To Upload Here.

7.  Uppit :-

UppIT   Top 10 Free,New & Best Filehost
Uppit is A Simple Designed FileHost Which Gives You A Good Download Speed , Its A completely Free Host Since They Do Not Provide Premium Accounts.

8. FileParadox :-

FileParadox   Top 10 Free,New & Best Filehost
File Paradox is a file hosting service offering online storage/remote backup capacity and file transfer service globally. With File Paradox you can host files, images, videos and audio at the same place and can access your files and the files of your friends and acquaintances rapidly and worldwide, so no need to carry around Currently FileParadox Is One And Only Service Which Allows You To Upload Max. 15 Gb For A Single File Upload . With A Free Account You will Get 500 GB Storage Space . It Also Includes FTP Upload, Remote Upload,Torrent Leech For Free users.

9. ShareBeast :-

Sharebeast Top 10 Free,New & Best Filehost

ShareBeast Is Another Good Hosting Where you will Enjoy Downloading As it Does not Limit Your Speed and You Can download Each File Without Any Waiting Period . ShareBeast Provides Full MP3 Streaming.With A Free Account You Can Store Files Upto 15 GB and Your Files Are kept on this Server For 30 Days After Last download .

10. Arabloads :-
Arabloads Top 10 Free,New & Best Filehost
Features Of Arabloads : – 10 GB Max. Upload file Size, Storage Upto 150 GB and Files Are Kept For 15 Days After last download.
You Can Leech Files From Many well known Hosts With this fileHosting Site.

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