Google Toolbar Free Download For Windows

Google Toolbar Free Download For Windows

Google Toolbar is available for Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Apple Safari web browsers. Google Toolbar is available as free download for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Google Toolbar allows your internet browser to take some features that are not available in all web browsers excluding Google Chrome. Google Chrome has Google Toolbar integrated and added automatically when the installation setup was in process. Google Chrome does not have any extra toolbar because it has all the features and functions of Google Toolbar integrated. Google Toolbar allow you to search, share, popup blocks, check, translate and auto fill features.

Google toolbar is simple, fast and easy to use plug-in available for all popular internet browsers. You can simple download Google toolbar for free of cost and after download just double click on the setup file. It automatically starts running in the background and installs the toolbar for your favorite web browser.

Instant Search:

Google toolbar is designed for searching instantly under a seconds. It quickly identifies the search queries and keywords. Google toolbar integrates Google search engine with a search box at left side of Google toolbar. It shows the related search queries below the original search. All the popular searches were showing automatically. The results of search keywords are updated dynamically. After entering the keywords just press enter to see your results.

Google Translator:

Google toolbar also integrates Google translator widget that provides you translation in more than 40 languages. Google translator has up to 40 popular languages from all around the world. Google translator automatically translate the whole site after clicking on translate button. The feature of Word Translating is also included in Google toolbar.

Spell Check:

Google toolbar has optimized spell check feature that allows you to check your spellings after typing on your web. It supports you when composing an email or filling contact forms on web. All the errors are converted into red because they have spelling errors. All the suggested words are show under the required word.

1+ Button:

Google toolbar has a big 1+ button that allow you to share your interests with your family and friends. Every web page was automatically shared on Google plus profile after clicking on 1+ button that is situated in Google toolbar.

Google Plus Notifications:

Google toolbar lets you see the recent and updates from the Google + profile. All the notifications and messages are listed on the Google toolbar G+ notifications button. These notifications are shown after the signing in on Google plus website.

Block Popups:

Google toolbar lets you to browse as fast as possible. Google toolbar popup blocker automatically identifies and blocks the advertisement and other heavy popups from your web browser. Popup blocker gives you more accessibility and speed to the targeted sites.

Sign In:

Google toolbar allows you to sign in to your Google account. It will sync all settings, bookmarks, sharing and other things with your Google account. You can get your bookmarks from anywhere and anytime through Google toolbar.

Application Details

Size: 766 KB
Version: 7.5.4413.1752
License: Freeware
Developer: Google

Google Toolbar Free Download For Windows

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