Hotspot Shield 3.09 Free Download Full Version

Hotspot Shield 3.09 Free Download Full Version

Anchor Free finally release Hotspot Shield 3.09 available as free download as full version for Windows. Hotspot shield is basically an proxy software used to open blocked sites quickly. Those sites that are blocked or banned in your country or area it can provides you direct access to them. Hotspot shield provides you safety, security and privacy when you are live with world. Hotspot shield works as a 3rd party software that hides your internet protocol address from all types of seekers or hackers. Hotspot shield defends yourself from tracker activities because it shows yourself to them as anonymous user. So they are unable to see your privacy and IP address. This will protects your privacy from any type of seekers on internet wan to track you.

Hotspot shield encrypts your internet connection and convert the internet protocol address to an anonymous IP address. Every time when you active Hotspot shield, it provides you a new & unique internet protocol address. Hotspot shield encrypts your connection and provides you an anonymous connection from Hotspot shield servers. Hotspot shield also defends you when you are communicating with your friends and colleagues who don't know that who are you. They wants to trace or track you while communication. Hotspot shield is the best alternative way of defending and protecting yourself from any type of security or privacy.

Hotspot shield Platforms:

  • Windows
  • MAC
  • iOS
  • Android

Windows Platforms:

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

Block Maleware:

Hotspot shield can blocks every type of maleware. Hotspot shield has integrated maleware protection shield that defends your computer and your privacy from maleware viruses. Hotspot shield shows a notification and alert to the user when it detects and malicious or suspicious activities in your computer.

Hide IP Address:

Hotspot shield is also working as IP address hider because it has built in feature to hide your genuine internet protocol address. It changes your genuine IP address with its own server IP address. So there is no one who tracks yourself when you are live with world.

Access to Blocked Sites:

Hotspot shield also provides you access to banned or blocked websites. Many websites are blocked by government due to violations or infringement activities in every country. There are millions of websites are blocked in the world. Hotspot shield provides you an simple and fast way to access to those blocked websites from anywhere and anytime.

Most Downloaded:

Hotspot shield is mostly downloaded proxy software that has up to 150 million downloads. Hotspot shield has millions of downloads each and every year after releasing. There are many other competitors of Hotspot shield but it has simple, fast and easy to use multiple features that force everyone to download it in your computer.

Red Icon:

Hotspot shield shows red icon in system tray. It shows that you are not protected by Hotspot shield. If you want to have connected with Hotspot shield then have a right click on red icon and choose connect to convert it to green.

Green Icon

Hotspot shield shows green signal or icon when you are connected with it. It shows that you and your computer is 100% protected with Hotspot shield.

Wi-Fi Protection:

Hotspot shield also provides you Wi-Fi based public networks. So the server can't detect your IP address or location from which place you connected to there Wi-Fi connection. It provides complete security, privacy and access to online connect from anywhere and anytime.

Application Details

Size: 8.08 Mb
Version: 3.09
License: Freeware
Developer: AnchorFree

Hotspot Shield 3.09 Free Download Full Version

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