Spotflux 2.9 Free Download For Windows

Spotflux 2.9 Free Download For Windows

Spotflux 2.9.11 was released for windows platform to download VPN proxy tool for free. Spotflux is free VPN proxy tool that allows you to browse your web experience without privacy and security problem. Spotflux automatically hides your IP address and redirect your IP with integrated anonymous IP addresses. Spotflux is also available on MAC, iOS and Google Play store for mobile users. It has ability to open the blocked content in your country through anonymous IP's and gateways. Spotflux can provide help to you when you are on word, home or on the way. Spotflux does not require a PC because it also supports tablet, laptop, iPhone and Android phones.

Spotflux can easily redirects your IP address and compress your internet traffic to anonymous area. Spotflux encrypts your location, internet protocol address and other look up ids into non-searchable location. This will helps you to keep yourself protect including your data, information, privacy and security from hackers, lookups, seekers, trackers and other dangerous runs. You can protect yourself easily with Spotflux that makes you enable to browse anything from anywhere at any time. Spotflux is completely free without displaying any ads on your downloading platform.

Advertising is Blocked:

Spotflux allows an extra intelligent feature that is required by advanced web developer users. Spotflux integrates ad blocking feature internally so you have no more ad load while browsing your web experience. This will loads the web faster as possible.

Virus Protection:

Spotflux provides you protection against virus, maleware, spyware, Trojan, worm, malicious and suspicious activities. Spotflux has virus definitions integrated into setup and after installing it monitors your firewall for any suspicious activities. After finding suspicious run in firewall it can block that access automatically to stop entering into your computer.

Easy to Use:

Spotflux is simple, fast, light weight and easy to use proxy VPN controller software that allows you to browse your web experience without any external help and support. It just requires Enable or Disable button for working or stopping the Spotflux. This feature is also integrated into Hotspot Shield 3.

Advertising Free Browsing:

Spotflux provides you advertising free browsing so this is a good feature for fast browsing. It has no internal advertising load so you can browse the web as faster as possible. So this will makes your browsing faster.

Removing of Cookies:

Spotflux automatically removes cookies and log files of internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and Mozilla Firefox. This feature will helps you to keep your security and privacy safe from seekers. Cookies are the mostly used technique for identifying a person's credit card details easily.

Access to Blocked Sites:

Spotflux allows you to browse from an unknown location so this will provides you access to blocked or banned sites that are restricted in your country. There are thousands of websites are blocked in all over the world especially in China. So it will provide you access to all blocked sites easily like Ultra Surf 13 software.

Multiple Platforms:

Spotflux is available in 4 platforms to provide you security, privacy, freedom of browsing and many other features at your doorstep. These platforms are:

  • Windows (XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, 7 and 8)
  • Macintosh
  • Android
  • iOS

Application Details

Size: 5.81 MB
Version: 2.9.11
License: Freeware
Developer: Spotflux

Spotflux 2.9 Free Download For Windows

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