7-Zip 9.3 Free Download (32-bit + 64-bit)

7-Zip 9.3 Free Download (32-bit + 64-bit)

7-Zip (Seven-Zip) is freeware compression (archive) software available as free download full version for windows in both x86 and x64 environments. 7-Zip is also a open source software that is available at Source Forge. 7-Zip is a packing and unpacking utility that allows you to compress and uncompress ZIP, RAR and other archiving file extensions. 7-Zip is simple, faster and easy to use software used to minimize the size of archives as much as possible. It can also divide heavy and loaded files into separate pieces so these pieces are easily upload to cloud based storage such as SkyDrive, Google Drive and DropBox. All these services provide up to 5 to 10 GB free space on ever free account. 7-Zip software is completely free and available in both .EXE and MSI setup installers. 7-Zip has integration with windows shell for quick working.

7-Zip provides you the higher compression to resize heavy compression and archive files. It supports every type of data such as pictures, music, videos, setup files, installers, ISO image files, programs and much other type of data. 7-Zip provides you the easier way for compression every type of files used in windows. 7-Zip is the most popular archiving utility used in all over the world. 7-Zip is also multiple language supported software available in many popular languages from all around the world. 7-Zip is DOS based windows packing and unpacking utility that has file size only 1 MB. 7-Zip has ability to compress and extract every type of archives quickly without wasting user time. 7-Zip is free of cost compression manager that is also available for business and professional organization. It does not require any cost or license.

Compression Ratio:

7-Zip provides you the highest compression ratio for compressing heavy and large files. This compression ratio is much bigger than any other archiving utility such as WinZIP, WinAce, WinRAR and many others. It also provides higher compression ratio for 7z and LZMA file formats.


7-Zip is most popular compression software available in up to 79 most popular languages from all around the world. These languages are English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Ukraine and many other languages.

AES-256 Encryption:

7-Zip provides you the best and fastest AES-256 encryption that is available only for 7z and ZIP archive compression file types. This is the most favorite feature of 7-Zip for providing security and privacy to the users.

Powerful File Manager:

7-Zip is simple, fast, easy to use, light weight, easy to install and small software that provides you the most required advantages in less time. 7-Zip is more powerful file archive manager than any of its competitors.

Supported OS:

7-Zip has world wide support for Microsoft Windows. 7-Zip has integration support for all the versions of Microsoft windows. These are:

  • Windows XP (32-bit + 64-bit)
  • Windows Vista (32-bit + 64-bit)
  • Windows 7 (32-bit + 64-bit)

Supported Formats (packing/unpacking):

7-Zip has integration compression and uncompressing support for many popular file archives. These file formats are mostly used archiving utilities in windows. These file formats are:

  • ZIP
  • GZIP
  • TAR
  • 7z

Supported Formats (unpacking):

7-Zip has wide range of archiving file format support. These file extensions have only unpacking support provided by 7-Zip software. These file formats are:

  • ARJ
  • CAB
  • DMG
  • ISO
  • MSI
  • RAR
  • UDF


  • Unix/Linux
  • Windows
  • MAC OS X
  • Ubuntu
  • Solaris

Application Details

Version: 9.30 Beta
License: Open Source
Developer: 7-zip

7-Zip Free Download 32-bit (x86)

Size: 1.05 MB
7-Zip Free Download 32-bit

7-Zip Free Download 64-bit

Size: 1.34 MB
7-Zip Free Download 64-bit

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