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Cleantouch English to Urdu & Urdu to English Dictionary 7

Clean touch is one of the best and oldest developers that created Urdu to English and English to Urdu dictionaries for leaning and education purposes. English 2 Urdu & Urdu 2 English Dictionary 7.0 is the most recent version of this e-commerce and e-learning educational software that is released in January 2013. There are various other manufactures/developers of Urdu to English dictionaries but cleantouch is one of the leading and award winning company among its competitors. There are 6 editions released in past and the best thing is that they are all successful. Now cleantouch release its 7th edition that includes updated and recently included some major features that do not included in the past versions. This software created and designed with the help of encoding through Microsoft .NET framework.

Cleantouch English to Urdu & Urdu to English Dictionary 7.0 has two integrated modules one is English to Urdu and the second one is Urdu to English. All these two modules are working together and also working perfectly. Both the two modules has includes thousands of keywords and phrases with including the meanings and synonyms. Each word has more than one meaning and also includes synonyms separately. You can improve your vocabulary of English and Urdu languages. This will also helps you to find meanings of any word within 2 seconds. It saves your valuable time that will surf on finding words on 1000+ pages dictionary. This is very hard and long to find keywords and their meanings in dictionary book.

2 in 1 Dictionary:

Clean touch English 2 Urdu and Urdu 2 English dictionary has two modules that work perfectly for each phrase and keyword. This is the only e-book dictionary that has hundreds of thousands of keywords including their meanings and synonyms. There are other lot of e-books and dictionaries but this one has two modules for two languages These 2 modules are:

  • English to Urdu
  • Urdu to English

Improve Vocabulary:

There are millions of keywords are used in every language worldwide. So before learning a language it is necessary to improve your vocabulary of keywords and phrases as more as possible. Every language has dictionary to learn and improve the keywords vocabulary and got their meanings. Cleantouch English to Urdu & Urdu to English Dictionary is also the one of best e-book for both online and offline working especially for computer users. It provides the keywords, meanings and synonyms for every word to learn easily and quickly.


The best benefit of this e-book is fully customization of everything such as styles, fonts, font size, coloring and stylizing of Clean touch English 2 Urdu and Urdu 2 English dictionary. You can do anything inside this dictionary after purchasing the trial copy from the author store. It's easy to customize your keywords and their meanings for ease and access.

Search (Advance + Normal):

There are two types of searching are used in this e-book dictionary for Urdu and English languages. You can easily search into this dictionary for any word and press enter to get the meanings and synonyms. This is called normal search. The other one is advanced search that is used by professionals, business and IT related users to search their keywords and find the exact matched meanings immediately.

Fast and Powerful:

Clean touch English and Urdu dictionary is one of the fastest and most powerful e-book dictionary provides easy way to find keyword spellings and their meanings accurately. This e-book software can be used for business to interpret the results quickly. It has unlimited keywords and their meanings that are easily accessible within a minute. This will save your valuable time.

Easy to Use:

Clean touch has years of experience for developing educational, learning and business software solutions for computer users. They provide fast, easy and simple way to get the advantages of any e-commerce software. All the products are easy to use and easy to navigate especially this e-book dictionary is one of the simplest and lightest applications among its competitors. On screen keyboard is also available for accessibility of the users.

Unlimited Keywords:

Every language has tons of keywords and every keyword has separate meaning. It is difficult to save all the keywords and their meanings in one place. Clean touch provide us the solution of this problem and give us 33,000+ new English keywords with their meanings, both English to Urdu has 70,000 keywords, Urdu to English has 80,000 + keywords and meanings including their synonyms.

Application Details

Size: 873 KB
Version: 7.0
License: Free to Try
Developer: Cleantouch

Cleantouch English to Urdu & Urdu to English Dictionary 7

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