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Google earth makes you enable to fly over the Earth from anywhere, anytime and any platform. Google Earth includes some additional features and tools such as images from satellite, 3D houses, high quality maps and many other places right from all over the earth. Google earth is completely free version for any platform and available as free download in offline standalone installer version. Basically Google earth is map that includes geographical information about the world globe. Google earth integrates satellite images, 3D photography, latitude and longitude information and other geographical information. Google earth provides two versions the first one has freeware license and the second one is Google earth Pro available only for commercial purpose that requires (399$ per year). Google earth Pro includes some additional features that are not available in Google earth free version.

Google earth is the most informational software mostly used by students, research specialists and scientists. It allows improving educational and professional work right from your home. Some people want to have visit in the sky, Mars planet, under the ocean. So they can use Google earth to complete their visit without expanding time and money. Some people wants to have a journey to all countries of the world so they can easily browse the streets, road, places, buildings and more with Google earth from any available platform without any cost. Google has also other educational and learning projects like Google Chrome, Google Toolbars, Google Picasa and more.

Leading Software:

Google Earth is one of the most popular and leading software among its competitors. There are unlimited users from all around the world. Google Earth is able to provide you HD images of streets, buildings, roads, sky, ocean, water, mars, moon, houses and many more places. These powerful and advanced features are no more available in any other geographical software from its competitors.

Satellite Images:

Google Earth has wide range of satellite images that are captured from NASA and other related agencies. Satellite images include pictures from any place around the globe. All these images are available for educational purposes and resources. All the positions of whole orbits are ready to show in Google Earth.

3D Images:

There are lot of 3D images exist in Google Earth that are all copyright by NASA and Google Earth. These images includes roads, streets, buildings, houses, historical places, public places, grounds, parks, rivers, transportation, cities, famous places and others. These images are available for you in 360 degree level.

Find Places:

Google Earth is the best software that provides you access and information about any country, place, destination including exact latitude and longitude information. This geographical information allows you to travel to your destination with ease and access.

Planet Mars:

NASA gives its research and work to Google Earth and it includes 3D images and provides 360 views of Mars including with tours and information details. The Mars planet was introduced in Google Earth 5.0 to improve the research level of scientists and students. There are high resolution panoramas are available to view Mars planet from your doorstep.

Ocean and Water:

Google Earth introduces this feature in Google Earth version 5.0 for the first time than ever. This feature gives you access in the beneath of the surface of ocean. You have 3D view of everything inside water. The zoom in and zoom out feature is also available to focus anything easily. Some places in ocean available in up to 100 meters access inside the ocean to view the world under world.

Details of Sky:

Google Earth gives you access and view of galaxies that are travelling in their orbits. All the details about galaxies and their orbits includes in Google Earth to improve the knowledge and research of students, teachers, scientists and professionals.

Historical Images:

There are lot of historical places exists in most of the countries in the world. Google Earth has kept the historical record of every place. You can immediately find any historical place right from all over the world. Google Earth provides you the way to compare the past images with the present ones.

Street to Street View:

Google Earth allows you to easily view streets from any place through any platform. Google Earth has 3D pictures of street to street including with roads, cars, trees, buildings and roads. You can easily find your targeted place easily with some minutes through Google Earth.

Multiple Languages:

Google Earth is most popular software that provides multiple features under one software suite. Google Earth has thousands of million users from all over the world. Google Earth is available in up to 45 most popular languages all around the globe. These languages include English, Chinese, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Thai, Japanese, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Romanian, Russian and many others.


  • Windows (XP, 7, Vista, 8)
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Macintosh
  • Web
  • Blackberry Storm
  • Symbian
  • IOS (iPhone, iPad)

Application Details

Size: 16.63
Version: 7.1.2
License: Freeware
Platform: Windows
Developer: Google Earth

Download Google Earth 7.1 Offline

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