Free Download TreeSize Professional 6.0

Free Download TreeSize Professional 6.0

TreeSize professional is now available as free download for windows platform is both 32-bit and 64-bit environments. TreeSize professional requires license key for registration to use it as full version. It allows 30 days trail period for free users. TreeSize professional is most powerful, enhanced and comprehensive hard drive files and space manager. It has internal ability to monitor and track the space of hard drive partitions. Basically tree size professional is perfect disk management tool released from JAM software to keep your hard disk clean and safe from bad sectors. Treesize professional has two versions that one is for personal use and second one is for professional use. Treesize professional version gives more powerful and advance features than Treesize standard edition.

Treesize professional can manage, clean and tracks the memory and files of local drive partitions. So you are able to delete, move, create, and copy files/folders among any other directory inside a partition. This software provides files and folder details in pie chart, bar chart and tree map. All the chart types are easily customizable including with changing the colors, sort by size, show bars in vertical or horizontal, show hide legend, view chart in 2D or 3D, save chart in local disk drive, zoom in and zoom out, switching with patterns and colors, copy the chart into clip board and many others. Tree size professional makes you enable to view the files stored in local hard disk drive in three chart types.

Find Most Sized Files:

Treesize professional can provide you the easiest way to find heaviest and largest size files from local disk drive immediately. If your local hard drives are filled with space and you want to find extra files that are not in used then download and use treesize professional software. First scan the local hard disk drive then navigate to right panel and select details. After selecting details button all the files sort by size and you will delete the top list files/folders instantly without going to original folder.

Advanced Search:

The searching of files and folders with advanced filters are not provided in older windows operating systems. The users are not able to find specific files and folders by some specific filters. Treesize professional provides simple, advance, quick and easy way to find specific files inside local hard drive easily. The search menu includes some advance searching features such as biggest files, oldest files, temporary files, internet files, duplicate files, files with long paths and custom search.

Hidden and System Files:

It is difficult to find hidden and system files/folders from local disk drives. Treesize professional is the only way that defines the simple and easiest path to find hidden files including with system files. This feature can provide you help to eliminate restore points, temp files, recycle bin files, system volume information files and many others.

Fast and Powerful:

Treesize professional is simple, fast, smart, powerful and easy to use mini tool used to eliminate extra, temp and hidden files & folders from local disk drive. There are various file managers, file explorers and file management software tools but Treesize professional is the only tool that provides unlimited features in affordable price. There is no competitor of Treesize professional that provides these advanced features to user of windows.

Charts and Colors:

There are charts are designed by Treesize professional with intelligent coloring to show folders separated. Every folder should be defined as separate color under pie chart. Bar chart shows the biggest folders at the top with single customizable color. The colors that are used under pie chart can help the user to identify and eliminate what type of files and folders without wasting your valuable time.

File Extensions:

After scanning of specific disk drive, Treesize professional shows an advanced feature to identify which file type (file extension) is most used with space and size. You can sort by file type, file size, file allocated, number of files, percentage and description of that extension. The popular extensions are audio, video, graphic, text, internet, program, data, system and many other files.

Export File:

After scanning and reviewing local disk drive. Sometimes user needs to save or export the scanned files or chart for later use. So don't take tension because Treesize professional provides intelligent export file terminology. You can easily export files to Microsoft Excel, save as HTML, save as text, copy to clipboard or select send report as email.

Advance Sorting:

Every report or chart can be sort customized because Treesize professional provides advanced sorting such as sort by name, sort by size or choose no sorting. This feature will help you while identifying and eliminating unused files from local hard disk drives.


Details and charts are print friendly because Treesize professional provides simple and easy way to print pie chart, bar chart or treemap directly from its software. You can send print command directly to your printer to which chart you want to print.

Application Details

Size: 16.48 MB
Version: 6.00
License: Shareware
Developer: Jam Software

Free Download TreeSize Professional 6.0

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