Full Screen Caller ID Pro – BIG! v3.0.7 Apk

BIG_Full_Screen_Caller_ID Set full-screen HD photos for your friends’ calls and texts + customize screen with many additional Themes. Connect with Facebook, Google+, Dropbox to download friends’ photos automatically.
• full screen caller for incoming calls,
• full screen caller for outgoing calls,
• full screen photos when receiving SMS messages,
• connect with facebook, and download full-screen photos automatically (and browse albums),
• download additional themes from Google Play,
• customize caller ID screen content,
• switch between caller screen Themes, choose ‘click’ or ‘slider’ behavior of buttons,
• choose full screen caller ID for all or only a few contacts
What’s New
1. Google Plus integration
2. Dropbox integration
3. Timer added to call screen

More info and Screenshots from Google Play

Download from Google Drive    QR CODE

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