uTorrent Stable 3.3.1 Free Download (Windows)

uTorrent Stable 3.3.1 Free Download (Windows)

uTorrent is a free P2P online file sharing software available for Android, Windows, MAC and Linux users. uTorrent is completely free for downloading and installing into Windows 7, Windows 8. Windows Vista and Windows XP for Microsoft Windows users. Basically uTorrent is very small, simple and easy to use software allows you to transfer your data from P2P servers immediately. uTorrent is ritch with powerful features that allows you to easily upload and download data instantly. According to its developer uTorrent is the number 1 desktop download client from all over the world.

uTorrent has automatic update checker that can easily and automatically download and upgrade to the new version without disturbing the user. uTorrent provides full customization to handle your uTorrent software with your desires. You can make a limit to uploading and downloading speed from Option > Preferences > Band Width. uTorrent working in the background and automatically downloads the files quickly and immediately. uTorrent 3.3.1 has many upgrades and performance updates to make it more fast, accessible and easy to use.


uTorrent is simple software allows you to do any action that the other file sharing and download managers provides you. The simplicity is the best feature of uTorrent because it's easy to use and easy to download and also easy to install in any platform.


uTorrent is faster than any other P2P file sharing client such as Bit Torrent and others. uTorrent provide any action in seconds because it works very fast then its previous versions. uTorrent easily complete your actions in a faster way. It integrates intelligent and smart technologies so this will make it faster than ever before.


uTorrent is multiple language supported software available in many most popular languages from all over the world. It has internal language packs ready for free download and use uTorrent in your own local language. There are up to 60 languages are supported by uTorrent that are Arabic, English, French, Italian, German, Hindi, Persian, Hebrew, Chinese, Dutch, Danish, Hindi, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Urdu and many more languages.


uTorrent is tiny, small and light weight software available in 1 Mb setup size. This will examine about 5 MB size after the installment of uTorrent software for windows. So this is the most perfect feature because it is light and tiny software just like portable software for USB.


uTorrent is fully rich with features and one of the best feature of uTorrent that it has user supported and enhanced graphics. uTorrent is most easiest downloading and file sharing P2P downloader than any other download manager or P2P file sharing client.


uTorrent is perfect plug-n-play software that can start working on the starting of your computer, notebook or laptop. uTorrent has unlimited bandwidth so plug-n-play download and uploading can be more easy and accessible.


uTorrent enhanced smart and intelligent technologies that makes it perfect and faster working. uTorrent integrates smart working technology that makes it perfect and intelligent working.


uTorrent has limitless bandwidth for uploading and downloading of data and files. All the servers and users gets limitless upload and download of files from anywhere and anytime.

Multiple Platforms:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MAC
  • Android

Application Details

Size: 1.07 MB
Version: 3.3.1 build 30017
License: Freeware
Developer: uTorrent

uTorrent Stable 3.3.1 Free Download (Windows)

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