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Free Download Foxit PDF Reader 6 For Windows

Foxit PDF reader is the best alternative of Adobe acrobat reader that is used to view electronic documents in windows XP, vista, 7 and windows 8. Foxit PDF reader is simple, fast and rich with features document reader. Foxit PDF reader is the most powerful document reader provides best features than ever. Foxit PDF reader has over 150 million users from all around the world. It provides the ultimate features for reading, viewing, printing, editing and many other features. The interface of Foxit PDF reader is simple and user friendly graphics that enhanced with modern interface. Foxit PDF reader is completely free e-book reader or electronic documentation viewer available for all releases of Microsoft windows. Foxit PDF reader is also multiple language software available in most popular languages worldwide. It has integration support for Microsoft Office.

Foxit PDF reader also gives you the advance feature to fill PDF forms and documents on your computer. Foxit software is the developer of Foxit PDF reader that introduces multiple features in the new versions. Foxit PDF reader is fully customizable with user's choice. Foxit PDF reader provides the feature to open, view, sign and take print of any electronic document file instantly. Foxit PDF reader is light and small size software and requires up to 50 MB free space in your local hard disk drive. Foxit PDF reader is very simple and easy to use PDF document reader that uses by the students, teachers, scientists, doctors, business and professionals, industry and organization as well. It also provides all keyboard shortcuts for all popular actions to save the valuable time of user.

Download Add-ons:

Foxit PDF reader has integrates too many built in add-ons that are available for free of cost. Foxit reader automatically checks for any available updates on daily basis. It did not visit developer website without user permission. It automatically downloads any available necessary updates to fix the bugs and improve the performance of PDF reader software. The popular add-one are CJK and JPEG2000 decoder support.

Multiple Language:

Foxit PDF reader is multilingual software that is available in many popular languages from all around the world. Foxit PDF reader provides multiple languages such as Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch, French, Italian, German, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Romanian, Portuguese, Swedish, Thai, Ukrainian, Turkish and many others.

JavaScript Support:

JavaScript support is powerful advantage of Foxit PDF reader that supports all encrypted and Java required documents without downloading additional Java updates. JavaScript is required by some of latest and important documents that sign with security and protected by privacy.

Instant Printing:

Foxit PDF reader allows the user to print all the documents immediately because it provides instant printing speed to quickly gets the hard copy of your document. The printing speed of Adobe Acrobat Reader is slow than Foxit PDF reader because it integrates with latest technologies that will provides direct access to your online and offline documents.

Advanced Tools:

There are some advanced tools included in Foxit PDF reader that provides more ease and access to its users while editing or creating new documents. These advance tools are so simple and easy to use. You can edit or create new PDF document and after these tools gives you access to make your personal documents looking perfect and professional. These tools are portfolio, bookmarks, snapshot, rulers and grids, read document loudly, multiple page layouts, undo, redo and many others.

Security & Privacy:

Foxit PDF reader provides you better security and privacy with encrypting and signing your digital documents before saving it. The security and privacy protection will makes your electronic documents protected from editing or removing your company logos or signs.

Quick Search:

Foxit PDF reader has advance text search algorithm that shows quick and instant results after pressing enter button from keyboard. It reads the whole document and picks the matching words/spell immediately. Quick search is improved in new versions of Foxit PDF reader and it is more powerful, fast and perfect.

Easy to Use:

Foxit PDF reader is less complicated than Adobe acrobat reader because it is small, light and easy to use. It has simple and user enhanced graphics so user can easily understand the whole page criteria without any external help and support. The interface is fully customizable including colors, styles, menu and sidebars.

Zoom / Rotate Feature:

The rotating and zooming of specific document or page is simple and fast than ever before. Foxit PDF readers improved its zoom in and zoom out feature so you can easily find text within your documents from any integer value to maximum value that is available. Rotating of any document is simple and fast. You can easily rotate document at 25, 45, 90, 180, 360 degrees as well.

Lightest PDF Reader:

Foxit PDF reader is most comprehensive PDF file reader than any of its competitors. Foxit PDF reader leads the world of PDF readers because it has additional and powerful technologies that make it smaller and lighter than ever before. It has only 32 MB of size that is smaller than Adobe acrobat reader.

Multiple Tab View:

Foxit PDF reader has multiple tabs that shows multiple electronic documents in one time. Multiple tab feature will creates help to you when you want to open more than one documents in one Foxit PDF reader window. This feature allows you to view multiple files under single window so you can make comparison or find matching keywords among of them.

Application Details

Size: 32.58 MB
Platform: Windows
License: Free
Developer: Foxit Software

Free Download Foxit PDF Reader 6 For Windows

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