How To Find And Remove Unnatural Backlinks In Blogger


Their would be surely a number of Backlinks in your sites.We know that Backlinks plays an important role in the search ranking but nowadays search algorithm is seeking for Unnatural Backlinks and penalize that sites that could be loss in traffic and sometimes loss of their sites.So now what to do to make your site free from these unnatural Backlinks, MB has made a complete and easy guide to sought out your this problem.It will take some time to make your complete site free from these links but we know that the fruit of patience is sweetest so keep on doing what we are gonna tell you below, just read that out and make your site free from these Unnatural Backlinks.

What are the Backlinks?

Some of the newbies may donot know that what actually backlinks are so this passage is for them as MB serves for all.So let me tell you that what are these links?
Backlinks are those sites which links with your site and it is very important for SEO.if these sites are healthy and natural so will be yours and if these sites are unnatural so same thing happen to yours.The health of these sites can effect your site as well.Below we have given complete guide that how to find these links and remove them as well.

Finding Unnatural Backlinks In Blogger

First thing first we need to find these backlinks from our site.To finding and collecting all the links from your sites is more important after that we'll teach you the clean up process:)
So first hint (clue) is you'll receive a message from your Google webmaster tools that will tell yo about the unnatural backlinks and will warn you about the penalty.If you got such kind of message then i will suggest you to react immediately on it.If you have not received such kind of message then you should look up for them manually.Let me tell you that how to search for these unnatural backlinks manually.
Login to Google Webmaster Tools > Select your site
On left you'll see too many option in that section Click Search Traffic, it will give some more options in drop-down menu then Click Links To Your Site.

After that you'll see three options Who links the Most, Your Most Linked Content And How your Data is Linked.
You need to Click the More under the Who Links The Most.
And Now download the two Data One is Download More sample Links And Download Latest Links
After download the data combine both the data according to ascending or descending orders and remove the duplicates,Run the cleared list in spider softwares like Screaming Frog.Isolete all non responses do not delete them make a separate list of non responses and responses and now take the non responses and run them through script, isolete them with "nofollow" links and this will give you the list of non responses followed links, now you have to check that list manually.

How to Check The List Manually

Open each of that followed link in the Web Browser and check them whether it is 404 or not.If it is 404 then move on and check the next.Open the document source and search for your domain it in this do not add www.Check the links with your domain that whether these followed or not.If these are no follow then its ok and if these links are followed then now a most important part began that you have to check for the quality of that links like it should be in content not in comments or sidebar.It should be relevent to the content and so on so far.if you find any unnatural link then use Disavow Tool to remove it.
Check the list properly and after you have done it and have clear a great mass of unnatural backlinks.
If you have any confusion then do ask freely in comments! i will response you as soon as wishes for your blogging and always keep in touch

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