Basic Tips/Tricks to complete/bypass any surveys Fileice,Cleanfiles,etc Working for alll

Surveys can be completed if done properly. So i am posting here some basic steps to complete surveys which works on every surveys site (Cleanfiles,Fileice,Topfiles,Sharecash,etc.).
The offers maybe different but the method will be the same.

    So First step in completing surveys is to clear you cookies and history using ccleaner.

    After that Open your link in New tab of the browser.

    USA and INDIA is the best place to complete surveys. So if you are not from India or USA then you can change you ip with proxies to USA or INDIA. will help you a lot to complete surveys.

    Some popular Offers are :-
    • Greetzap
    • American Prize Centre
    • Email Submition
    • Job offer 
    So GRETZAP offer is simple just Log in to your FB and your download will unlock on fileice or anywhere.
    American Prize Centre offer can be completed using
    Email Submition offers are very simple just enter a email adress and after that you can complete the surveys.
    There might be a problem in this offer. So after email submition wait for the next page to load and after that leave all tabs. And reopen the survey link And reclick on the same email submition offer. Your may be asked to leave this page which clicking then this is the sign that your download will start.
    Job offer - This offer redirects you to (If it redirects to some othe page then this may be a error) 
    After that use to complete the registration form and your download will unlock.
    So you see in Survey completion plays a major role.
    Email submition and American Prize Centre are most poplular and common offers so these are the best option to complete surveys.
    NOTE:- Tutorials for alll  the above offers are available on this blog .
    Links for the avilable tutorials on this blog (See the Survey Tricks Label).
    Or search and get the tricks.
    These are basic tricks so If you have any problem comment below your problem will be solved.
    Post Ends Here.. Thanks For Reading !!

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