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Developer: Papyrus Design Group Inc.
Publisher: Sierra On-line Inc.
Release Date: September 15, 1999
Rating: E (Everyone)
Size: 52 MB
Genre: Racing


Continuing the series that began in 1994, Papyrus Design Group brings the 1999 NASCAR season to players craving a need for speed with an offering of both Winston Cup and Busch Series stock car racing. Featuring all 28 tracks, a host of NASCAR drivers to play the game or compete against, and a competitive. Al that will race four-wide when necessary, NASCAR Racing 3 incorporates nearly every aspect of weekend racing. From pit strategy and practice runs to race strategy and skill, gamers can experience the adventure of racing likes of Dale Earnhardt and Dale Jarret to the finish line at Daytona or Talladega to the frustration of a multi-car pileup at the half mile Bristol Motor Speedway. Finesse, patience, intuition and raw nerves are part of the on track equation to being a famous NASCAR driver and are the same traits crucial that make the difference between winning in NASCAR Racing 3 and ending back in the pack. While on track skills are paramount, off-track, like pit crew performance, pre-race car setups, fine tuning, and in-race adjustments can often spell the difference between success and failure as well.
The vehicles in NASCAR Racing 3 include realistic dashboard displays, in-car radio, multiple perspectives and more. New to the series is the use of grille tape for cooling or heating engines and sway bars, as well as revamped physics engine developed to replicate real life handling over these 750 horsepower vehicles. Every tiny detail of racing, ranging from under and over steering to shocks and weight distribution, ensure realism when gamers climb through the window on race day. NASCAR Racing 3 offers multiplayer racing by LAN or the Internet, provides a detailing shop for painting and personalizing vehicles, and over a dozen optional graphics settings. Moreover, gamers can opt for Single Race or Full Season Championship events, as well as realistic or arcade style racing, limits on damage control, and instant game replays.


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