Shell Upl0ading In Wordress For Begginers Tutorial

Wordpress Shell Upl0ading...

Ali Malik Here...

Today im Going To Sh0w y0uh h0w To Upl0AD Shell
On WordPRess....... Easy waY.... ;) ;)

1) Wordpress Site +Username +Password 2) MadSpot Security Team Shell =))


1) Login To y0ur hacked WordpREss SiTe...

2) nOw gOt0 Theme Editor..
   --- wp-admin/theme-editor.php

3) On y0ur Right Side..Choose 404.php

4) Edit it And Paste Y0ur Madspot Shell Code in 404.php nd Save !t..

5) Now, you will see some thing like :
---- /home/Themename/public_html/wp-content/themes/themename/404.php&theme=themename&a=te&scrollto=0

6) Now Delete every thing before /wp-content/ and every thing after 404.php....

7) URl will be

7) Now Press Enter and Shell Execute ;)
 Note:- This Is Just For Educational Purpose ONLY!

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