Shell Uploading With Tamper Data (Tutorial)

Assalamoalaikum All 
Ali Here
--==Today im G01ng t0 Sh0w Y0uh==-
     How t0 Upl04d Sh3ll Using Tamper Data :P
1) Firef0x Beta
2) Tamper Data Add0n...
Add0n Download LinK...
Fire Fox Beta Download LinK:
About this Add0n -TamperData/
About this Add-on
Use tamperdata to view and modify HTTP/HTTPS headers and post parameters.
Trace and time http response/requests.
Security test web applications by modifying POST parameters.
FYI current version of Google Web Accelerator is incompatible with the tampering function of TamperData.
Your browser will crash.
---SomeTimes Few webs Dont Allow y0u t0 upload Shell As .php
But With Tamper Data y0u can d0 thaT...
Open Website's Admin Panel...
1) Change Your Shell ExtensioN t0 .jpeg or .jpg or .gif
2) Now open y0ur Tamper Data And Click 0n Start Tampering..
3) Now goto Upload 0pt10n` and upload y0ur Shell As shell.jpg
4) Windows Will Pop-UP.
  --- Tamper - Submit - Abort REQUEST
5) Click 0n Tamper
6) At Yewr Right Side Copy All Text fr0m POST DATA BOX
7) Paste All text in notepad..
8) Now Press [[ CTRL + F ] its mean "FIND"
9) Search For Shell.jpg 
10) Edit You Shell Extension to .php then copy it paste it on post data box And Click On Submit...
11) Shell Will Upl04d Successfully... ;) ;)

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