How to Create Multiple email accounts without registering (outlook)

In this tutorial you could know how to create multiple email accounts without registration in outlook. One of the Microsoft email client. 

Microsoft has introduced new email service which is called as Outlook. This email service interface totally different to other Microsoft email services like Hotmail, Windows live, etc.. In outlook Microsoft introduced Metro user interface which is related to the Windows 8 user interface. 
With this new Outlook email service you can achieve free access to the SkyDrive which is Microsoft Cloud Solution for their users. In Sky Drive you have 7 GB of free space to store your data and you have enjoy the other services like people, calendar, connected service and messenger. 
To create multiple email accounts without registering in outlook first of all you need one outlook account. By using that outlook account you can create multiple number of email accounts with your desired names. One important thing is you can use these multiple mail id’s to send and receive the mails. 

How to Create Multiple Email Accounts :

1. First of all open
2. If you already have an outlook account then login by using your username and password
3. If you don’t have any outlook email id then sign up for free by clicking here.
4. After completion of registration process login to your account.
5. Your new outlook interface is like Metro User interface. In your mail inbox click on gear symbol for settings which is available at top right side of the mail inbox and just beside your username. 
6. In that settings click on “More mail settings”.
7. Now all your mail settings will be opened which contains the categories like managing your account, writing email, reading email, prevent junk email, customizing email.
8. In those settings choose the first one managing your account. Under this category go to “Create an Outlook alias”. 
9. Open that link and it will ask you to enter your desired user name and the default domain name for that username is “”. You may choose some other domains like, etc.…. 
10. After entering your username click on create an alias. Next it will ask you to create a new folder for this new mail id or store this email account mails in inbox.
11. Its better to choose a new folder with the name of the email account that is created. So its easy to manage your multiple email account incoming mails. 
12. That’s it. Your new outlook email id is created without doing all the registration process. By this way you can create multiple email accounts in outlook without registering for new mail account.
Note : The newly create mail accounts has both send and receive facility.

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